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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Austen May 28 Latin The name Austen means great or magnificent.
Grace Dec 18 Latin Grace
Callie Oct 8 Greek Of Greek origin, Callie means beautiful.
Bryar Aug 5 British The name Bryar means Thorny bush of wild roses
Graeme Aug 13 British The name Graeme means gray homestead
Benson May 23 Old English Son of Ben
Beckett Aug 27 Old English The name Beckett means beehive
Summer Jun 21 Old English Of English origin, Summer is derived from the word for the season of summer, the warmest season of the year.
Aydin Feb 2
Kylee Jan 13
Yvette Jan 13 Old French Arrow's bow
Ines Jan 21
Kynlee May 17
Camilla Dec 28
Bentlee Mar 6
Gustavo Aug 3
Maddux Dec 23
Amaris Jun 17 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Amaris means the Lord promises.
Wes Apr 9
Adin Aug 23 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Adin means slender, beautiful.

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