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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Tania Jan 12
Alvin Mar 1 Old English Of Old English origin, Alvin means elven friend or noble friend.
Dana Dec 11 Old English From Denmark
Creed Feb 17
Koda Feb 18
Kurtis Dec 2
Leanne Feb 28
Galilea Nov 27
Edmund Nov 16 Old English Wealthy protector
Kylen Nov 13
Nila Nov 30 Latin From the Nile
Adriana May 5 Latin Of Latin origin, Adriana means from Hadria, of the Adriatic, rich, dark.
Danielle Jul 21 Hebrew Danilo (Cyrillic script: Данило) is a male given name meaning "God is my judge" in Hebrew.
Lucien Dec 13
Jaylyn Sep 19 Modern English Of Modern English origin, Jaylyn means beautiful jay bird.
Cyrus Jan 31 Persian Sun or Throne
Abhiram Jan 6 Indian Of Hindu origin, Abhiram means Lord Shiva, the most handsome, lovely, pleasing.
Emely Jan 5
Mariyah Aug 15
Shayna Sep 13 Yiddish The name Shayna means beautiful

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