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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Myla Sep 16 Norman-French The name Myla means soldier and merciful.
Glen Jan 4
Collin Aug 19
Meira Mar 16 Hebrew Light, bright one
Kynleigh May 17
Danika Jan 25
Tucker Dec 20 Old English Fabric pleater
Teagan Sep 6 Old English Pretty, beautiful
Una Jan 24 Latin One, united
Addyson Jun 30 Old English Of English origin, Addyson means child of Adam.
Brant Aug 7 Old English Proud
Atticus Oct 5
Carissa Jan 10
Jelani Jun 10
Wylie Sep 14 Old English The name Wylie means willow.
Shea Mar 12 Irish Gaelic From the fairy fort
Diya Nov 27 Arabic Shining
Grayden Feb 16
Emilio May 22 Spanish The name Emilio means eager.
Katerina Nov 25

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