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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Kiana Nov 21 ? Possibly Grace (see Ann)
Ricky Apr 3
Ayan Jul 14
Marlee Aug 19
Amie Feb 20 French Of French origin, Amie means beloved.
Kylo Mar 5 American Of American origin, Kylo means sky, created name.
Jeremiah May 1 Hebrew The Lord exalts
Fernando May 30 Spanish The name Fernando means peace.
Harris Sep 5 Old English The name Harris means Son of Harry
Dalilah Feb 25
Macie Sep 23
Kian Nov 21
Valeria Jan 29
Lilyana Aug 4 Latin Of Latin origin, Lilyana means lily.
Emersyn Nov 28
Jessiah Mar 29
Chiara Aug 11 Italian The name Chiara means Light
Mya Dec 8
Brentlee May 24 Celtic The name Brentlee means overcoming major obstacles to achieve success.
Quinton Oct 31

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