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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Isidro Apr 4
Dania May 29 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Dania means God is my Judge.
Dalary Jan 30
Roger Dec 30 Old German Famous spearman
Brennan Feb 1
Pyper Nov 8
Keilani Nov 24 Hawaiian Glorious chief
Cecily Nov 22
Vidal Jul 2
Judson Jul 10
Nina Mar 6 Spanish Girl
Gabe Mar 24
Wes Apr 9
Danica Jan 25 Slavic Morning star
Ada Jul 28 German The name Ada means noble and nobility.
Rebecca Aug 30 Hebrew Bound, joined
Cain May 14 Hebrew Spear or Possession, possessed
Justyce Aug 22
Chester Jul 11 Latin Soldier's camp
Jon Mar 1
Zaira Nov 18 Italian Princess
Sami Jan 23 Hebrew Exalted
Luna May 11 Latin Moon
Romello Feb 29
Francesco Oct 4
Klayton Sep 23
Rowen Jul 30
Immanuel Mar 26
Janessa Jun 26 Scottish The name Janessa means God is gracious.
Rowan Jul 30 Old English Rowan tree
Oren Sep 22 Hebrew Pine tree
Henry Jan 19 Old German Estate ruler
Juniper Sep 24
Cedar May 18 Old English The name Cedar means type of tree.
Sheila Feb 1 Irish Gaelic Dim-sighted, blind
Brisa Aug 6 Spanish The name Brisa means breeze.
Alejandra Apr 22 Greek Of Greek origin, Alejandra means defender of men; protector of mankind.
Umar Sep 9 Arabic To bloom
Rickey Apr 3
Andre Apr 18 French Of French origin, Andre means manly, virile.
Lela Aug 28
Jaylin Sep 19 Modern English Of American origin, Jaylin means calm.
Violet May 3 Latin Purple
Josue Jan 1
Ross Jul 2 Scots Gaelic From the headland
Cai Feb 10 Welsh Joy, happiness
Gareth Sep 24 Welsh Gentle
Jeremy May 1
Nicholas Dec 6 Greek People of victory
Cal Dec 9
Alma May 28 Latin Of Latin origin, Alma means giving nature, nourishing.
Drayden Sep 13
Denver Aug 1 Old English From the green valley
Harmonie May 23
Fidel Apr 24 Latin Faithful
Arlette Jul 17 Old French Woman
Bobby Jun 7 A police officer.
Alina Jun 16 German Of German origin, Alina means noble one.
Nadia Sep 12 Slavic Hope
Yasmin Feb 24
Dominique Aug 8 Latin The name Dominique means of the Lord.
Rowyn Jul 30
Mckenzie Dec 4
Joanna Mar 28
Johann Mar 28
Gerard Sep 24 Old English Spear brave
Hartley Apr 20 Old English Of Old English origin, Hartley means stag meadow.
Danika Jan 25
Warner Dec 24 Old German Fighting defender
Truitt Apr 21
Adiel Mar 22 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Adiel means ornament of God.
Daxon Oct 30
Cadence Nov 7 English Cadence is a unisex given name derived from an English word meaning rhythm, flow.
Leighton May 31 Old English From the meadow town
Natasha Dec 1 Slavic Birth day, rebirth
Lee Dec 21 Old English Field, meadow
Lina Oct 13 Arabic Palm tree
Laylani Oct 6
Ayesha Oct 2 Persian Small one
Arlet Jul 17 Meaning: eagle; army leader; noble.
Alessandra Apr 22 Greek Of Greek origin, Alessandra means defender of men; protector of mankind.
Andi Apr 18 Greek Of Greek origin, Andi means manly, virile.
Adrianna May 5 Latin Of Latin origin, Adrianna means from Hadria, of the Adriatic, rich, dark.
Zaina Sep 27
Asia Jan 16
Carmela Jul 16
Marie Aug 15
Bernadette Apr 16 Old French Brave as a bear
Patricio Mar 17
Jeffrey Nov 8 Old German Possibly Peace
Nariyah Sep 30
Abrielle Apr 1 French Of French origin, Abrielle means God is my strength.
Mario Jan 19 Latin ? (Roman clan name)
Lilliana Aug 4 Latin Of Latin origin, Lilliana means lily.
Ella Apr 23 Old English Elf, fairy maiden
Genesis Jun 13 Hebrew Beginning
Gabriel Sep 29 Hebrew Hero of God
Taj Aug 30 Hindu Crown
Hagen May 20 Irish Gaelic The name Hagen means youthful one.
Stormy Aug 9 Old English The name Stormy means Storm

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