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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Khloe Jun 3 Girl. Greek. From the Greek Khloe meaning "green shoot on a plant or flower" and taken to mean "blooming". In Greek mythology, Chloe was another name given to Demeter, the goddess of Agriculture. Chloe.
Andi Apr 18 Greek Of Greek origin, Andi means manly, virile.
Candace Nov 6 Greek Brilliant, glowing white
Leila Feb 16 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Leila means dark as night.
Catalina Mar 24
Serena Mar 1 Latin Tranquil, serene
Niyah Dec 7 Irish Of Celtic origin, Niyah means aim, purpose, radiant, shine, and beauty.
Maddie Mar 14
Mya Dec 8
Bradyn Jan 11
Chayce Feb 27
Harlem Aug 14 American The name Harlem means sandy ridge or home.
Sylvester Dec 31 Latin Wooded
Lucinda Dec 13
Rosalie Sep 4 Latin The name Rosalie means rose.
Brynnlee Aug 21
Livia Mar 5
Mordechai Jul 5
Daniella Jul 21
Malani Jul 14
Everett Oct 24
Lennon Sep 5 Irish Gaelic The name Lennon means Small cloak
Harmoni May 23
Beverly Apr 25 Old English From the beaver stream or meadow
Asia Jan 16
Kamren Apr 8
Syncere Nov 14
Ridge May 20 Old English From the ridge
Astrid Jan 2 Norse Beautiful, godlike or Divine strength
Devan Nov 24
Kourtney Apr 6
Jordy Feb 13
Amyah Jun 13 Japanese Of Japanese origin, Amya means night rain.
Noe Sep 1 Polish The name Noe means Quiet
Clint Nov 27
Aydan Feb 2
Raylee May 8 A place where animals rest.
Cedric Jan 7 Old English War leader
Elly Jul 11 Greek Elly is a pretty girl's name that originally stems from traditional titles such as Helen, Ella, Ellen, and Eleanor. It is of Greek origin and means sun ray.
Sarahi Oct 9
Nyla Mar 21 NAm. Indian - Creek Winner, victor
Emerie Nov 5
Macy Sep 23 Old French From Matthew's estate
Ryley Jun 18
Sultan Nov 25
Roslyn Aug 23
Carlo Nov 4
Ethen Mar 10
Alejandro Apr 22 Greek Of Greek origin, Alejandro means defender of men; protector of mankind.
Lauryn Aug 10 Latin The name Lauryn means laurel or bay trees.
Priya Aug 25 Hindu The name Priya means Beloved
Mileena Dec 31
Fabio Dec 27
Marcel Jan 16
Paizlee Sep 20 Latin The name Paizlee means church or cemetery.
Ramon Jan 7
Clara Aug 11 Latin The name Clara means Brilliant, bright
Tre Sep 11
Mattie Sep 21 Hebrew The name Mattie means mighty battler; mighty in battle
Thatcher Aug 17 Old English The name Thatcher means Roof thatcher
Reece May 8 Welsh Fiery, eager
Arrow Sep 9 English The name Arrow means A Projectile Fired From A Bow
Makiyah Mar 29
Aubriana Sep 24 French The name Aubriana means Rules with elf-wisdom.
Aileen May 26 Scottish The name Aileen means bright, shining light.
Amberly Nov 26 Modern English Of American origin, Amberly is a combination between Amber (golden brown gemstone) and Kimberly (white diamond).
Shyla Feb 1 Hindu The goddess Parvati
Mckinley May 17 The name Mckinley is of Scottish and Gaelic origin. The meaning of Mckinley is "son of the fair haired warrior". Mckinley is used as both a boys and girls name.
Brecken May 6
Cam Oct 5 Scottish Of Scottish origin, Cam means crooked nose, crooked mouth.
Natalie Jul 27 Latin The name Natalie means Birthday
Lawrence Aug 10 English The name Lauren means bright one or shining one.
Milah Mar 7
Aubree Nov 14 German Of German origin, Aubree means fair ruler of the little people, ruler of elves.
Darcy Jun 22 Old French From the fortress
Peter Jun 29 Greek Rock, stone
Loyalty Sep 15
Jamar Apr 2
Janessa Jun 26 Scottish The name Janessa means God is gracious.
Elam Oct 11 Hebrew The name Elam means Hidden
Nailah Jan 29 Arabic Successful, victorious
Honor May 16 English The name Honor means dignity or reputation.
Azrael Jan 8
Tori Dec 23 Japanese Bird
Norah May 16 Europe The meaning of the name Norah/Nora means honor.
Blythe Oct 24 Old English Joyous, glad, cheerful one
Aydin Feb 2
Kylah May 9
Holden Sep 30 Old English From the hollow
Eryn Oct 30
Rylee Jun 18
Rita May 22 Spanish The name Rite means pearl.
Iris Feb 3 Greek The rainbow
Annmarie Jul 1 Modern English Of Modern English origin, AnnMarie is a combination of Anne and Marie, meaning grace or bitter.
Ellis Jul 31
Ayla Sep 2 Hebrew and Turkish The name Ayla means oak tree, halo, or moonlight.
Alessio Feb 17 Greek Of Greek origin, Alessio means defender of men; protector of mankind.
Phoebe Sep 3 Greek The name Phoebe means Bright, shining
Annistyn May 10 Modern English Of American origin, Annistyn means Agnes town.
Jakobe Apr 30

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