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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Alister Jul 4 Scottish Of Gaelic origin, Alister means defender of the people.
Andreas Apr 18 Greek Of Greek origin, Andreas means manly, virile.
Lilyanna Jan 20
Giovani Dec 27
Chaya Jul 31 Hindu Shadow
Asia Jan 16
Neal Oct 21 Irish Gaelic The name Neal means Champion
Delia Feb 25 Greek Visible, or From Delos
Yasser Oct 20
Nariyah Sep 30
Luis Aug 25 Spanish The name Luis means Famous Warrior
Annabeth Jul 1 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Annabeth means gracious; God is my oath. It is a combination of the Hebrew names, Anna and Beth. The name Anna means gracious, favored and Beth means my God is my oath.
Raelynn Oct 4
Korbin Dec 22
Ines Jan 21
Samira Jul 28 Arabic The name Samira means night-companion and entertaining companion.
Chandler Feb 10 Old French Candle merchant
Marcelino Jan 16
Kohen Aug 29 Hebrew The name Kohen means priest
Ephraim Jun 9 Hebrew The name Ephraim means fertile or productive.

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