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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Maverick Mar 11
Avril Apr 1 Old French Born in April
Ansley Jan 10 Old English From the meadow of the awe- inspiring
Vincenzo Jan 22
Dakotah Jul 28
Hope May 6 Old English Hope
Armani May 4
Jeremias May 1
Sana Apr 11 Arabic To shine
Joelle Jul 13 Hebrew Jehovah is Lord
Madison Mar 14 Old English Son of the mighty warrior
Cecily Nov 22
Dillan Jan 23
Kamilla Dec 28
Slade Feb 9 Old English From the valley
Kynslee Aug 2
Kaidyn Jan 3
Maycie May 14
Fernanda May 30 Old German Possibly Courage, courageous
Lovely Feb 14
Sariah Mar 26
Laine Nov 2
Britney Jan 4
Abbey Feb 9 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Abbey means father's joy.
Aniah Aug 9
Crosby Jun 5 Norse From the shrine of the cross
Calvin Feb 12 Latin Bald, hairless
Benton Aug 15 Old English From the coarse grass farm
Fredy Jul 18
Zyler Dec 2
Castiel May 27
Gracen Jul 10
Alec Mar 18 Greek Of Greek origin, Alec means defender of men; protector of mankind.
Hussain Jun 8 Arabic Small handsome one
Hayley Jan 14 Old English Hay meadow
Thiago Jul 25
Carter Jan 24 Old English Cart driver
Robert Jun 7 Old English Bright fame
Brixton Apr 9
Lionel Nov 10 Latin Young lion
Jorden Feb 13
Ryder Oct 30
Roselyn Aug 23
Winnie Jul 25
Emmet Apr 19
Abdulrahman Sep 12 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Abdulrahman means servant of the merciful.
Adaleigh Aug 17 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Adaleigh means God is my refuge.
Maryam Sep 8
Landen May 14
Kenzley Dec 12
Kale Mar 6 Hawaiian Man
Austin May 28 Old English Majestic, royal
Nayeli Aug 16
Arman Aug 6
Raya Dec 5 Israeli Friend
Kayleigh Feb 2
Valentine Feb 14 Latin Strong
Diya Nov 27 Arabic Shining
Lonnie Aug 1 German Of German origin, Lonnie means ready for battle.
Kurt Feb 19
Makiyah Mar 29
Roland Sep 15 Old German Famous land
Cohen Aug 29
Valentina Feb 14 Latin Strong, healthy
Melanie Dec 31 Greek Black, dark
Fernando May 30
Aubrey Nov 14 German Of German origin, Aubrey means fair ruler of the little people, ruler of elves.
Jocelyn Apr 18 Old English Just one, fair
Monroe May 25 Irish Gaelic River delta or Red marsh
Dawn Mar 21 Old English Dawn
Neveah Jan 6
Aanya Aug 9 Indian Of Hindu origin, Aanya means inexhaustibility; other, another person.
Pranav Oct 2
Elani Feb 4
Addilynn Apr 7 German Of German origin, Addilynn means noble, nobility.
Lesly Jun 27
Molly Aug 16
Tayden Sep 5
Emilio May 22
Amethyst Feb 1 Greek Wine-colored
Braxtyn Oct 1
Jackson Feb 8 Old English Son of Jack
Amadeus Mar 30 Latin Loves God
Marquez Oct 7
Demarcus Jun 18
Marielle Jul 6 Danish Of Danish origin, Marielle means drop of the sea, beloved, start of the sea.
Queen Aug 1 English Queen
Mckinley May 17
Guy Jun 15 Old German Possibly Warrior
Niklaus Dec 6
Clarke Jul 27
Kasey Sep 3
Alison Jun 11 Scottish Of Gaelic origin, Alison means little truthful one.
Gracyn Jul 10
Laura Oct 19 Latin Laurel or bay tree
Valentino Feb 14
Chelsey Jul 20
Rayne Oct 17
Blaise Feb 3 Latin Stutterer
Cora Mar 31 Greek Maiden

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