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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Niyah Dec 7 Irish Of Celtic origin, Niyah means aim, purpose, radiant, shine, and beauty.
Aditi Sep 4 Indian The name Aditi means boundless, entire or freedom, security in Sanskrit. This is the name of an ancient Hindu goddess of the sky and fertility. According to the Vedas she is the mother of the gods.
Carson Apr 15 Old English Son of the marsh- dwellers
Addison Jun 30 Old English Of English origin, Addison means child of Adam.
Iker Jul 9 The name Iker is boy's name of Basque origin meaning "visitation".
Oziel Dec 14
Archie Sep 3 British The name Archie means bold
Muhammad Nov 29
Keaton Mar 10 Old English Hawk's nest
Dalton Nov 17 Old English From the valley town
Dasha Jun 6 Greek The name Dasha means God's exhibition.
Elliana Aug 20
Zahara May 7 Hebrew Shine
Steven Dec 26
Dayton Jan 3
Hank Jun 24 German The name Hank means home ruler.
Zeus Feb 29 Greek Living
Amal Mar 8 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Amal means hope.
Payton May 13
Gage Oct 6 Old French Oath
Cara Sep 28 Latin Darling
Davion Dec 29
Paola Jun 29
Ingrid Sep 2 Norse The name Ingrid means hero's daughter or beautiful.
Om Mar 30
Keilani Nov 24 Hawaiian Glorious chief
Melodie Jul 20 Greek The name Melodie means music and song.
Bruce Jan 15 Old French From the thicket
Lillie May 20 English The name Lillie means innocence; purity and beauty.
Giana Dec 27
Marco Apr 25
Krystal Jun 28
Aryanna Sep 17
Aayan Jul 14 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Aayan means gift of God.
Halle Apr 21 German Of Old Norse origin, Halle means little rock.
Wynter Dec 21
India Aug 7 Indian The name India means river
Cesar Mar 15
Syncere Nov 14
Brendan Feb 1 Irish Gaelic Smelly hair
Saige May 24 Latin The name Saige means wise.
Anyla Aug 13 English The name Anyla means god of the wind
Kenlee Apr 9
Lyndon Aug 27 Old English The name Lyndon means From the linden tree hill
Carsyn Apr 15
Kole Mar 29 Slavic Of Slavic origin, Kole means victory of the people.
Eliam Sep 23
Anniston May 10 Modern English Of American origin, Anniston means Agnes town.
Dereck Sep 2 English The name Dereck means the power of the tribe.
Blakely Oct 3 Old English From the dark (or pale) meadow
Cora Mar 31 Greek Maiden
Mylah Sep 16 Latin The name Mylah means solider or merciful.
Elsa Jan 4
Jana Jun 26 Hebrew The name Jana means God is gracious.
Everette Oct 24
Truman Aug 9 Old English The name Truman means Loyal one
Bradlee Sep 20
Kenji Jul 5 Japanese Intelligent second son, strong and vigorous
Damian Sep 26 Greek Possibly To tame
Vladimir Jul 15 Slavic Renowned prince
Ginger Jan 7 Latin Ginger
Phoenix Jul 19
Pearl Jun 1 Latin Pearl
Zaina Sep 27 Greek The name Zaina means beauty
Breanna Nov 29
Jaime May 3 Spanish Supplanter
Glen Jan 4
Luther Sep 23 Old German Army people
Haidyn Oct 2
Vivianna Dec 2
Lathan Mar 9 Old English Of English origin, Lathan is a surname recorded as relating to the towns of Layton or Latham and meaning, depending on its derivation, barn or leek farm or farm by the water.
Joseph Mar 19 Hebrew God increases
Alayna Oct 14 Scottish Of Gaelic origin, Alayna means rock, beautiful.
Earl Jun 27 Old English Nobleman, leader
Jasmin Feb 24
Arlen Feb 11 Irish Gaelic Promise, pledge
Marjorie Nov 16
Ambrose Dec 7 Greek Of Greek origin, Ambrose means immortal.
Kaleb Dec 14
Kai Feb 10 Japanese Forgiveness, mercy
Mamadou Nov 29
Zev Nov 25
Beckett Aug 27 Old English The name Beckett means beehive
Abdullahi Sep 12 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Abdullahi means servant of Allah.
Constance May 21 Latin Steadfast
Leopold Nov 15 Old German People brave
Luella Aug 25 Old English The name Luella means Famous in battle
Heather Nov 7 Old English Heather flower
Lidia Aug 3
Amerie Jun 20 Old English Of Old English origin, Amerie means home strength.
Maggie Oct 16
Edgar Jul 8 Old English THe name Edgar means wealthy spearman.
Brynleigh Oct 31
Turner Aug 31 Old English The name Turner means Woodworker
Karissa Jan 10
Autumn Sep 21 Latin The name Autumn means Fall; season of harvest
Zayden Jan 21
Kasen Mar 5
Gabriella Feb 27
Yasmin Feb 24

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