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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Shay Mar 12
Timur Jan 25 Hebrew Tall
Kyler May 28 Gaelic The name Kyler means wood or a church.
Marty Nov 11
Carver Jun 13 Old English Wood carver
Everlee Feb 11
Perla Jun 1
Anisa Jan 26 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Anisa means pleasant companion.
Tania Jan 12
Stella May 11 Latin Star
Dana Dec 11 Old English From Denmark
Karter Jan 24
Elvira Jan 4 Spanish ?
Alvin Mar 1 Old English Of Old English origin, Alvin means elven friend or noble friend.
Kenslee Dec 12
Pippa May 26 Greek The name Pippa means friend of horses.
Lilyann Mar 30
Valentino Feb 14
Kyleigh Jan 13
Steven Dec 26

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