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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Trevor Nov 11 Welsh Large homestead
Leilani Oct 6 Hawaiian Heavenly flower
Indigo Feb 15 Latin Dark blue
Sterling May 11 Old English Genuine
Maxine Mar 12 Latin Greatest
Renesmee Oct 24
Forest Sep 14 French The name Forest means woodsman or woods.
Harlyn Jul 19
Darrell Dec 30 Old French Possibly beloved
Vince Jan 22
Kora Mar 31 Greek Of Greek origin, Kora means heart, maiden. Kora is also a 21-stringed West African instrument, resembling a lute.
Felicity Mar 7
Triniti Apr 13
Sunny Dec 30 Old English Bright, happy
Yehuda Oct 28
Raiden Jan 18 Japanese God of thunder
Joanna Mar 28
Eugene Jul 13 Greek Highborn, noble
Michelle Sep 29 French The name Michelle means who resembles God
Dalton Nov 17 Old English From the valley town

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