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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Odin Dec 17
Yvonne Dec 23 Old French Yew wood or tree
Tony Jan 17
Lora Oct 19
Damari Jun 11
Shamar Nov 2
Julio Apr 12
Flora May 4 Latin Flower
Dariana Oct 25
Bowen Sep 3 Welsh The name Bowen means Son of the young one
Samira Jul 28 Arabic The name Samira means night-companion and entertaining companion.
Messiah Mar 23
Arturo Nov 15 Italian Of Italian origin, Arturo means bear. Related to Arthur.
Malaysia Sep 8
Terence Jul 21 Latin Possibly Smooth, polished (Latin clan name)
Athena Feb 29 Greek Wisdom
Kurt Feb 19
Adriel Sep 8 Hebrew Of Hebrew origin, Adriel means God is my help.
Monserrat Jan 23
Sheila Feb 1 Irish Gaelic Dim-sighted, blind

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