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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Tommy Jul 3
Guadalupe Dec 12
Adalynn Feb 5 German Of German origin, Adalynn means noble, nobility.
Jazlynn Nov 3
Hannah Dec 9 Hebrew Grace
Addelyn Oct 20 German Of German origin, Addelyn means noble, nobility.
Harlie Jul 19 hare meadow
Sanaa Apr 11
Skyler Sep 26 Dutch Giving shelter
Jaylin Sep 19 Modern English Of American origin, Jaylin means calm.
Antonia Jan 17
Kiyah Dec 15
Marlie Aug 19
Norah May 16 Europe The meaning of the name Norah/Nora means honor.
Jolee Jan 18
Gerson Feb 22
Anniston May 10 Modern English Of American origin, Anniston means Agnes town.
Aitana Jan 24 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Aitana means our people.
Jeanette May 30 French The name Jeanette means God is gracious.
Aven Nov 6

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