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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Jay Oct 24 Latin Jaybird
Haylee Jan 14
Mariah Aug 15
August Aug 28 Latin The name August means esteemed or venerable.
Taylen Oct 26
Kason Sep 4 Scottish The name Kason means son of the marsh-dwellers.
Glen Jan 4
Nazir Feb 6 Arabic Observant, spectator
Rylan Jun 22
Kingsley Sep 27 Old English From the king's meadow
Fynn Oct 16 African - Ghanian A river in Ghana
Yaretzi Feb 7
Raylon Apr 28
Zyair Dec 9
Noemi Sep 1 French The name Noemi means good, pleasant, lovely, and wisdom
Xander Mar 18
Rayleigh May 8 Rye woods
Mirabelle Apr 5
Boden Dec 7 Old French Messenger, herald
Jariel May 19

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