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Name Nameday Origin Meaning
Ally Jul 31 Irish Of Celtic origin, Ally means handsome, little rock.
Loki Nov 26
Adelynn Oct 20 German Of German origin, Adelynn means noble, nobility.
Aliyah Oct 15 Arabic Of Arabic origin, Aliyah means high, exalted; God's being.
Yahya May 10 Arabic God is good
Cortez Feb 19 Spanish Courteous
Mackenzie Dec 4 Irish Gaelic Son of the wise ruler
Elan Feb 4
Zaira Nov 18 Italian Princess
Aura May 31 Latin Gold or possibly Soft breeze
Lesly Jun 27
Marcel Jan 16
Itzel Jun 12 Spanish The name Itzel means rainbow lady.
Alfredo Jan 12 Old English Of Old English origin, Alfredo means elf counsel.
Obed Jul 21 Hebrew The name Obed means Servant of God, worshipper
Greyson Oct 29
Eliseo Jun 14 Hebrew The name Eliseo means God is my salvation.
Milana May 19
Zeus Feb 29 Greek Living
Patricia Mar 17 Latin Noble

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